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Moulin Rouge Paris

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The Moulin Rouge opened in 1899, on the cusp of a new century and amid the atmosphere of excitement and progress that had been engendered by the construction of the groundbreaking Eiffel Tower in the same year. The Industrial Revolution in France was smashing social barriers and encouraging a new, less rigid kind of class system, and it was in this modern era of loose definitions and morals that the Moulin Rouge was to carve itself into the decadent fabric of the new liberal Parisian society. Upon its official opening on the 6th October the theatre was established as an extravagant and wild home for music hall entertainment, and the Moulin Rouge has clung on to this reputation and evoked the spirit of the Belle Époque decades ever since.

Dress Code

Casual or business casual is required to visit the Moulin Rouge. This does not mean formal wear or that a suit and tie are necessary, but sportswear, trainers and shorts are not permitted and you will not be allowed in wearing these.

Age Restrictions

Children under the age of 6 are not allowed into the theatre, but this is the only age restriction on visiting the Moulin Rouge as a family. Under-12s are entitled to a 50% discount on the show alone. It is entirely at the parent or guardian’s discretion as to whether the show is suitable for their children; there is some mild nudity but the majority of the show should not be offensive, particularly for older children.

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